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Oregon's Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) is a program that raises the quality and consistency of child care and early learning programs across the state. The Quality Rating System recognizes, rewards and builds on what early learning and development programs are already doing well. It helps ensure children in QRIS programs are ready for kindergarten by connecting programs and providers with free tools, financial incentives and professional advice that they can put into practice with confidence.


5-Star Quality-Rated Program


This program excels in essential standards that support quality learning for all children.


This rating indicates that a program has met all the requirements for a 3- and 4-star quality-rated program, PLUS:


  • Uses the program’s philosophy to guide key program and personnel decisions
  • Labels shelves and containers with pictures
  • Has indoor space available for gross motor activities
  • Collects a variety of supplemental assessment information on children
  • Uses screen time in an intentional manner related to instructional goals
  • Is evaluated by early learning professionals to verify it uses best practices in adult-child interactions
  • Encourages parents to play an active role in the program, sharing their communities and cultures
  • Allows for family input from meetings or advisory groups
  • Provides forms and essential program information in a manner that is understandable to all families in the program regardless of differences in language, literacy, or ability 
  • Provides information for families about educational opportunities available in the community
  • Has a leader/director with a bachelor’s degree in the field or equivalent training
  • Employs a majority of staff members who have an associate degree in the field or equivalent training
  • Regularly observes employees on adult child interactions to ensure best practices are being implemented
  • Provides substantial employment benefits to staff


Commitment to Quality (C2Q)


This program is committed to improving its quality.


This rating indicates that a program:

  • Has attended an Increasing Quality Training session
  • Has been in business for at least two years
  • Has a good track record with state licensing agents
  • Has  taken intentional steps to improve quality

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